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The Staff
Walter E. Bungard, DVM: Dr. Bungard is a graduate of Michigan State University and is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a Bachelors Degree in Medical Technology.  Dr. Bungard is certified by both the State Board of Examiners and the State Board of Pharmacy and regularly attends continuing education seminars to remain current in the practice of veterinary medicine. 

Joanne Valentine: Joanne works in reception, assists Dr. Bungard during exams and surgeries, and does the dentals under Dr. Bungard's supervision.  Joanne always has a smile and goes out of her way to make sure clients feel welcome.

Patty Turner: Patty works in reception, assists Dr. Bungard during exams and surgery.  Her gentle manner and easy smile has a calming effect on everyone in the room. Patty has a faithful canine companion named Jack who waits patiently for her to return home each day.

Heide MacDonald: Heide works in the boarding services.  She is a registered nurse and a great asset to our team. Heide  has a team of sled dogs and runs a them in local races.

Luanne Bungard: Luanne manages the practice, does the bookkeeping and the grooming. 
Doc and Luanne are proud grandparents of a grandson Bram and a granddaughter Sabine born to son Garth and his wife April who live in Michigan.  Son Joseph lives in Minnesota and daughter Marlee attends college in Michigan.

Atlanta Veterinary Clinic

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